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Healthy & Free Connect Group

As part of the Healthy & Free Connect Group, we will break up into small groups to discuss the course content. Please select the small group that best suits your needs and what you want to get out of this course.

Here is an outline of each small group option:

General Health | You want to gain knowledge or improve your health in general, but you have no specific challenges to deal with.

Health Challenges | You are dealing with a health challenge or medical issue and want to be part of a group where you can share and minister to one another.

Focus on Fitness | You are interested in health with a focus on fitness and exercise. You want to specifically focus on improving your fitness.

Weight Issues | You want to lose weight and be encouraged in the journey. Your focus is on making better lifestyle choices.

Weight Loss and Health Issues | Both weight and health are an issue for you. You want both encouragement and ministry.

Weight Loss Challenge  | This group is for those who will be motivated by the challenge of sharing their weight loss progress with others. You may choose to keep your specific weight private but each week people will share how much (or how little) weight they have lost.

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