Online Church – Sunday Meeting Streaming Live


Join us for Online Church this Sunday, 10am

Currently with Auckland in lock down level 3 due to Covid-19, we are meeting online for our regular Sunday service. Our church meetings are now a live stream where we can connect online and receive encouragement as a church family, strengthening from God’s Word, and continue to pursue His Presence.

This is a different way of meeting than what we are used to; but remember, church is not a building, but people. Let’s lean in to what God has for us as a global church at this time.

We will journey through this season together with a wonderful testimony of God’s faithfulness, healing, breakthrough and provision.

How It Works

We will have church via Zoom (an online meeting platform).

Simply click the link below on Sunday from 10am and join our online church family.

What a blessing to use the power of technology to keep connected, encouraged, and worship together as a church. If you need help downloading and using Zoom, click here to read step by step instructions.


What Will Online Church Look Like?

Every church is navigating this new season of what online church looks like. For us at Pursuit we are looking at the following:

10am Worship
The power of worship and shifting our perspective is important for this time period. Start your Sunday off by clicking on the This Sunday page and listening to the worship.

10am onwards Chat Time
After listening to the worship, sign into Zoom and chat to others at Pursuit. We want to ensure we set aside time to connect as a church family, especially since we are all isolated in our homes. Feeling connected and not alone has never been so important.

You are free to join at whatever time you wish and chat to others after the worship, or simply turn up when we start the more formal aspect of the meeting at 10:30am.

10:30am Communion
During this season, we want to take communion as a church family each week. We recommend that before you come online for church that you get a piece of bread, cracker, biscuit etc and some juice, water, or even a cup of tea or coffee. Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t have the proper emblems. Just use what you have available.

Announcements & Message
After communion we will have announcements, ministry and a brief message. During this time, everyone’s microphone on Zoom will be muted so we don’t get background noise. So don’t worry if you’ve got your dog barking, the dishwasher on, the phone rings or any other noise as it won’t be heard by the whole meeting.


We look forward to seeing you online for our next Sunday meeting!