The Freedom Diaries – Hear Mark & Miriam Holloway at Pursuit Church

Do you wish you could hear God’s voice more clearly?

Come and hear the author of The Freedom Diaries share on how to have your own conversation with God.

When: Sunday 13th March, 10am
Where: Pursuit Church, The Fickling Centre
546 Mt. Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland

You won’t want to miss this special Sunday at Pursuit Church as Mark and Miriam Holloway share their incredible testimony – it will change your life!

Come along to this FREE event and hear the author of NZ’s number one selling Christian book!

What you will learn when you hear Mark and Miriam:

  • Their incredible testimony. How they discovered by accident and at the worst time in their lives that anyone, absolutely anyone can have their own back and forward conversation with God.
  • How God used the back and forward conversation with him to heal their marriage when they had been separated for five years.
  • Learn practical tips on having your own conversation with God.
  • How to recognise what is God’s voice and what is not.
  • How to deal with doubt.
  • What the bible teaches about hearing God speak just like a friend.

The Freedom Diaries book and journal will be available for purchase at this meeting. Bring along a pen and something to write on and discover the joy of a back and forward conversation with God!

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Invite Friends to Hear Mark & Miriam

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The Freedom Diaries tells how author Mark Holloway discovers completely by accident how to have a back and forth conversation with God. After 37 years of believing in a God who seldom speaks clearly, Mark’s life goes down the plug hole in a single day. Worse, he discovers it’s his own doing. Terrified he screams out to God, and to his amazement God speaks back – and keeps talking.

An unbelievable conversation with God begins. As his life continues to slide into an abyss, Mark is plagued by doubt.  Would God really talk to him like this? Then he discovers his conversations with God have made him a disappointment to religious people. Thoroughly disillusioned he decides to stop. But God keeps talking.

Every day God turns up and says encouraging and hopeful things when there was no hope.

Thousands of others hear what Mark is doing and try it themselves. Many discover that they too are having a conversation with God without having to be perfect. A back and forth conversation with God – just like friends!


This dynamic, down to earth couple are Kiwis – the parents of five, mainly adult, larger than life kids – a doctor, a cowboy, an arborist, a fireman, and a fashion designer. Mark rides the world’s largest production motorcycle, sails yachts and trains small business people to be better. Miriam is small, blonde, a one-time police constable and now a line-haul truck driver – and passionate about road safety.

This couple say they never expected to have anything to do with a Christian book, much less write one about a back and forth conversation with God. But in the worst crisis of their lives, God hijacks Mark and a conversation begins. Mark wonders whether he is going mad, but soon discovers this is really God. THE God. The one in the Bible. Then the same thing happens to Miriam. What follows is miraculous and has not only changed their own lives, their children’s and their friend’s, but it is now, much to their surprise, changing the lives of many others.

Mark and Miriam have discovered to their amazement that a back and forth conversation with God is possible no matter how much of a mess your life is in. Having seen the way this message sets people free they are passionate about spreading it. The Freedom Diaries is a collection of 56 conversations between Mark and God and includes practical tips on how to try this yourself.


“Like a child on Christmas morning, I was delighted to discover how simple yet wonderful it is to place my hand into the hand of God and listen to his whispers and enjoy his affection.  I could only ask why no one had ever told me he was this good and this close.  I wish I had read this book a long, long time ago.”
Daniel Walker – Founder and Executive Director of Nvader. Author of God in a Brothel

“This is new and exciting. It’s not the idea of hearing from God that’s new, it’s having conversations back and forth, question and answers. That’s new for most of us. Now I am enjoying my own conversations with God, which always leave me with hope.”
David Garratt of Scripture in Song, Hawaii

“The Freedom Diaries will stretch you. It describes Mark’s real life struggle with Doubt as he discovered that he could hear God’s voice every day.”
Dr Mark Virkler. Author of 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice. Buffalo, New York

“I thoroughly recommend The Freedom Diaries. It asks challenging questions about our spiritual journey and encourages us into a deeper more intimate conversation with God.”
Andrew Urquhart – Radio Rhema Announcer

“I am enjoying your book. Actually reading through the chapters and sharing with my son. I find it helpful and consistent with the new covenant framework.”
David Lee, Singapore

“After a long search and becoming totally disillusioned in my religious Christian walk, this book has given me new hope that an everyday relationship is possible with my creator.” 
Mick Carswell

“Since talking to Mark about having a conversation with God I have experienced more connection and intimacy with Father than ever before. This intimate relationship has provided a platform for a greater level of fulfilment and healing in my life.”
Bruce Christensen – Orama Christian Oasis

“I have begun recording my conversations with God. This has been revolutionary in my relationship with Father. My whole devotional life has expanded to a new level of reality and life. My wife has noticed a difference in me and has begun recording her own conversations with God.”
Jono Turner – Senior Minister Gateways Christian Fellowship

“You have got to experience this. Many in our congregation have started their own conversations with God and have had their prayer life and relationship with Him totally transformed. I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy of Mark’s book.”
Chris Fulop – Senior Pastor, Lion of Judah

“Mark’s written conversations with God have inspired me to do the same. I have gone from very brief guidance words to more extensive, insightful, scriptural understandings that are wonderfully up-building. The biggest thing is an increasing personal-ness and intimacy in my daily walk with the Lord.”
Graham Braddock, Elder Gateway Church

“These conversations with God have enlightened me to open my heart and mind to feel and know that conversing with God gives me a deeper understanding of doing HIS will in my daily life.”
Marge Wick – International Federation of Christian Chaplains, Texas

“Finally!  A Christian life that is actually worth living. These conversations are full of grace. They take prayer out completely of the box, and suddenly, God appears in the real world!”
Kathryn Mcbeath, New Zealand

“If there is one word that describes these conversations with God it is….honest.  Honest questions, honest doubts and the God-honest grace that comes back at them. Water in a religious desert. I just cannot read enough of how God strips away Mark’s fearful facades.  It reminds me of mine. God just keeps on showing in these conversations that He will not be boxed.”
David Baigent, Waiheke Island

“Mark’s conversations with God have freed me from condemnation. I now have a much more personal relationship with God, knowing He is interested in my everyday life.”
Joan Crawshaw – Co-founder Arapohue Bush Christian Camp

“Mark’s book has inspired me to seek a closer more personal relationship with the one who can help me the most. At first the thought of Mark having these conversations with God seemed unusual and weird. But it soon inspired me to give it a go. Wow!  I found that I too was getting answers and inspiration. Why didn’t I know this before?”
Geoff Hill, New Zealand

“This real life collection of conversations between Mark and God can prompt any heart to not only ask questions of our Creator, but to expect answers as well. Through Mark’s conversations with God, I am reminded to continually converse with God myself.”
Kelli Curtis, Indianapolis, Indiana

You won’t want to miss this special Sunday at Pursuit Church as Mark and Miriam Holloway share their incredible testimony – it will change your life!

When: Sunday 13th March, 10am
Where: Pursuit Church, The Fickling Centre
546 Mt. Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland
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