Get Involved

There are many areas of church life that rely on volunteers like you in order to be a success. We would love to help you find your place in God’s family at Pursuit.

Thank you Pursuit family for volunteering in the life of the church, giving of your time and talents, and serving God’s Kingdom.


Below is an outline of some of the teams you can get involved with:

Greeters are the face of Pursuit. They provide the initial connection for visitors and are crucial in making everyone feel welcomed and part of the family. We would love to have your smiling face on this team.

Ushers are responsible for handing out envelopes, offering buckets and any hand-outs during the meeting.

The team on Café are vital for creating community and fellowship. This involves set up, pack up and general oversight of the Café. Be part of the team that creates the platform for connection and encouragement.

Dishes and clean up are a great way to get to know others. This occurs at the end of our fellowship time in the Café.

Vacuuming occurs at the end of our meetings during pack up. Thanks for being part of the team that creates a culture of excellence and leaving the venue better than we found it.

We have people in our Pursuit family that rely on transport to get to and from church. We would love your help in ensuring everyone at Pursuit is part of our Sunday meetings.

Children’s Ministry
Joining the children’s ministry team is an exciting opportunity to help raise up the next generation of revivalists. If you have a heart for children then we would love you on our team. All program outlines and materials are provided.

The library team is responsible for setting and packing up the library, issuing library resources, receiving money for fines and the selling of product. If you have an eye for detail and love seeing people grow and be encouraged through books and other resources then we would love you to join this team.

Prayer Team
Prayer at 9am every Sunday is an opportunity to press into the heart of God for the morning meeting. Prayer is essential for preparing the way for His Kingdom to be released on earth as it is in heaven. If you have a heart for prayer, for shifting atmospheres and releasing heaven on earth then come be part of our team.

Ministry Team
This team is involved in praying for healing, financial break-through, salvation, family restoration and encouragement. If you have a heart to pray for people during the Sunday meetings then we would love to have you part of this team.

Altar Assistant
The altar assistant operates during ministry time as an overseer in care. This involves handing out tissues, covers and generally caring for those who come for prayer.

The team of catchers are responsible for providing a safe place for ministry. This involves catching people while they receive ministry and also facilitating people receiving prayer by ensuring they are standing in a suitable place etc.

Ministry On Call
We have an on call ministry team that is available during the week to pray for others. The teams operate on an “as available” basis so there is no requirement to commit to any set times. If you have a heart to see people healed, restored and encouraged in any area of their life then be a giver of hope with us.

Audio Team
The audio team is crucial to the success of the meeting, both during worship and the message. There are various levels of commitment on the audio team including setting up equipment, recording the meeting and operating the sound desk. All necessary training is provided. Come join the team that helps make the sound of heaven heard all around the world.

Operating the projector involves ensuring the words to songs are shown during worship. As the hidden song-leader you play an important role in the meeting. All necessary training is provided.

Set Up / Pack Up
These teams are responsible for the general set up and pack up of all our equipment, chairs and tables that make our meetings possible every Sunday. This is a valued and crucial area of Pursuit. Come join the team that prepares God’s house for His people and His Presence.

Worship Team
Worship is an integral part of our ministry at Pursuit and is part of the foundation of who we are as a church. We are worshippers. Our offering of worship on a Sunday is an expression of our heart to the Lord. It is an honour to open the doors to the throne room through worship. If you carry a heart for worship and can sing or play an instrument then we would love to hear from you.

Prophetic Artists
The prophetic art team releases what God is doing during worship through art. Opportunity is given to share during the meeting and release what God is doing through healing, prophecy and encouragement.

How to Get Involved

Complete the form below and list whatever areas you are interested in volunteering. We will then get back to you with more information on becoming involved in the life of the church.