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Christian Worship Songs at Pursuit

At Pursuit Church, our heart has been to establish a place of His Presence; a place of worship. We believe the hearts of God’s people crave more than just the next Christian hit or contemporary songs. At Pursuit, we long for a deep worship experience with our incredible God. Every Sunday, our desire is to create a worship environment where we meet with God and He meets with us.

In His Presence we can find wisdom for our situations, hope and reconciliation, healing and breakthrough. Our Heavenly Father loves to meet with His children. As we seek Him and experience the wonder of His grace and mercy; our lives are changed.

Our Christian worship songs are a little different to what many are used to. We love to express ourselves creatively through our praise and worship. This can mean leaving the safety of the known contemporary Christian music and exploring worship creatively through prophetic songs and spontaneous worship.

The following Christian music downloads showcase some of the heart and passion we have for God’s presence. Our Sunday mornings are not simply a time to sing Christian music together, but an opportunity to enter His Presence and express ourselves as the passionate worshipers we are.

Free Christian Music Downloads

These free Christian music downloads are a taste of our worship songs at Pursuit Church. To download each mp3, right click and select “Save As”.

Lord I Lift My Worshipmp3

More Than Enough / You Crown the Years – mp3

Dancing on Your Mountain Top – mp3

We Love to Sing – mp3

Free Worship Melodymp3

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