Pursuit Church Auckland

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What makes a great church?
…people like you and I walking together in our identity and God given destiny.

What’s our point of difference? Our worship. We believe in spending time touching the heart of God and seeing lives transformed in His presence. One of our core values is hosting the Presence of God, because in God’s presence there is power – power to live a supernatural life – in your family, your home, your community, your marketplace. Click here to read more about the worship at Pursuit.

Church is family and being real is important to us. Our teaching is practical and life related. As a spirit filled church we believe that everything Jesus died for belongs to us. God is good. He thinks you’re amazing, and He has great plans for you!

We invite you to join us in our passionate pursuit of Him…. discovering who He is and who He has created you to be!

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This song Passionate Pursuit is a wonderful example of the heart of passion we have for the presence of God. It is a song that captures what God was doing in 2004, when we rebirthed the vision of the church and renamed it to Pursuit.
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Senior Leaders

Ray and Pam have been in ministry since 1987 and are the senior leaders at Pursuit Church in Auckland, New Zealand. Together, Ray and Pam bring a rich blend of different anointings to the church. Ray has a strong calling in the area of worship and the prophetic. Pam is a gifted pastor and teacher. As pastors they bring a love for God’s presence with a desire to see people grow, change and come to maturity.


Sunday morning meetings begin at 10am and include both worship and teaching. Please view our calendar to see upcoming dates for Sunday evening meetings. Evening meetings alternate between various training courses and soaking evenings such as our Encounter EveningsClick here for more info on Encounter Evenings.

Worship: Worship is a central focus at Pursuit. Our worship often includes times of singing in the spirit and spontaneous, prophetic praise. Click here to read more about worship at Pursuit.

Teaching: We love to teach on the wonderful gift of God’s amazing grace and the righteousness of God imputed to every believer. We hold firm to the belief that such teaching produces victorious Christians, destined to reign with Christ. Click here to read more about the doctrine of grace.

Ministry: Our emphasis is on hosting God’s presence and allowing His goodness to be experienced through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. We believe the finished work of Christ has provided victory for every situation and wholeness in spirit, soul and body.


Similar Streams to our Auckland Church:


Pursuit Church has strong ties with Bethel Church in Redding California. As pastors of Pursuit, Ray and Pam are part of the Bethel Leaders Network (BLN). The Bethel Leaders Network provides a place of intentional relationship, covering and resourcing from Bethel. BLN is an apostolic family of leaders united with Bethel in passionate pursuit of God’s manifest presence and committed to revival – the personal, regional, and global expansion of God’s Kingdom. At Pursuit we believe in the goodness of God and desire to see God’s Kingdom and culture impact the world around us. Pursuit uses the worship and songs from Bethel Music, and many Bethel resources and courses to train and equip people. These resources are used in various training courses and are also available in the resource library at Pursuit. Click here to read more about Pursuit‘s connection to Bethel.

Grace Teaching

We embrace the teaching of Joseph Prince from New Creation Church, Singapore. We welcome the freedom this emphasis on grace brings to the Body of Christ, while being careful to avoid some of the unrelated and unbalanced teaching that is sometimes associated with the “grace message” being preached in some circles.

Read Pastor Ray’s testimony about visiting Joseph Prince’s Church in Singapore.
Click here to read more about the grace message at Pursuit.


We are a full gospel church with meetings similar to the Vineyard charismatic renewal churches birthed out of revival. We hold healing meetings, and pray for the sick. We teach that healing is for today, and also preach on the other new testament gifts of the spirit, including the baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Signs and wonders are a part of God bringing revival to the earth.

Charismatic / Pentecostal

We are a christian charismatic church pursuing the presence of God in the central Auckland city area. We are a spirit filled pentecostal church pursuing His presence. God is restoring and refreshing the church with a new move of His Spirit. We embrace the full expression of the Holy Spirit in our meetings as part of the emerging wine skin to host the move of God.

House of Prayer

While not specifically based on the IHOP model, Pursuit is similar to International House of Prayer through our unique, spontaneous and prophetic worship. Our desire is for Pursuit to be house of prayer in Auckland – a place of His presence with intimate praise and worship.