Pursuit – a Bethel Connected Church in Auckland

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We are a Bethel connected church that believes in the goodness of God, values His presence and seeks to bring heaven to earth in every area of society through Kingdom culture.

At Pursuit, it’s all about the Presence. We are passionate about God and His Presence that changes the world. From this place of relationship and encounter with Jesus, we become carriers of His Presence to the world around us. At Pursuit we love to see people partner with Jesus to see His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

We believe in the goodness of God… in every situation and for every person. There is no situation too hopeless for God’s goodness, love and mercy to be displayed. The finished work of the cross has provided for every need and wholeness in spirit, soul and body.

Church is family and being real is important to us. We cultivate a place of honour where people are celebrated for who they are and encouraged and empowered to be who God has made them to be.

God is good, He thinks you are amazing and He has great plans for you!

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More about Pursuit’s Connection to Bethel

Pursuit has several connections to Bethel Church in Redding, California. As pastors of Pursuit, Ray and Pam are part of the Bethel Leaders Network (BLN). The Bethel Leaders Network provides a place of intentional relationship, covering and resourcing from Bethel.

Over the years Pastors Ray and Pam Watson have attended Bethel‘s Leaders’ Advance – a yearly conference for leaders around the world who are connected with Bethel. These gatherings in Redding help build relationships between revival leaders and provides teaching and input from the leadership at Bethel including Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Eric Johnson and Danny Silk.

Bethel Leaders Network
Ray and Pam Watson are part of BLN Influence. The Bethel Leaders Network is an apostolic family of leaders united with Bethel in passionate pursuit of God’s manifest presence and committed to revival – the personal, regional, and global expansion of God’s Kingdom.

The goal of BLN is to connect, encourage, and empower leaders so they thrive and bring transformation in their God-given spheres of influence. It is an opportunity for intentional relationship and practical resourcing from both Bethel and the global family of BLN leaders. The goal is that every leader has the possibility to be known, valued, effectively resourced, and empowered to build the kingdom.

“The Bethel Leaders Network will aim to provide a place for leaders from every sphere of society to belong to the Bethel family and be empowered to bring heaven where God has uniquely placed them. Our desire has never been to build a big organization; rather we are convinced that we are called to build big people. BLN is a place where global mothers and fathers can be at home and be released to raise up the next generation of mothers and fathers to take the Kingdom further.” Bill Johnson // www.bethel.com/bln/

Bethel Music & Resources

Pursuit has a strong focus on material and teachings by Bethel leaders. This can be seen through the church courses offered at Pursuit by various Bethel leaders such as Bill Johnson, Danny Silk, Kris Vallotton, Steve Backlund and Tony Stoltzfus. Click here for more information on church courses at Pursuit.

Pursuit also has extensive resources in the church library by various Bethel authors such as Bill Johnson, Danny Silk, Kris Vallotton, Eric Johnson, Steve Backlund, Kevin Dedmon and Tony Stoltzus. Click here for more information on Pursuit’s church library.

Pursuit also uses and is trained under Bethel‘s Sozo Ministry. Sozo Ministry is a type of inner healing ministry developed by Dawna De Silva at Bethel Church. The training and ongoing development of Pursuit‘s Sozo Team has been provided by Dawna De Silva, Teresa Liebscher and their experienced team from the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Click here for more information on Sozo Ministry at Pursuit.

Pursuit also uses the worship songs of Bethel Music in their worship meetings including the Bethel Music artists such as Brian and Jenn Johnson.

Leader Development Program
The Leader Development Program by Global Legacy (now the Bethel Leaders Network) offers training from Bethel leaders and provides connection with revival leaders around the world. LDP provides monthly program-focused video conferences, regular encouragement, practical help, a gathering for those involved in the program and other special events. The Leader Development Program helps develop an apostolic plan to change a church’s culture. The video conferences, resources and gatherings lead by Bethel leaders help provide teaching and development as a leader.