Col & Jan Stringer

col-janCol and Jan Stringer are covenant friends to Ray and Pam and have been involved in the life and direction of Pursuit for many years. Together they serve on Pursuit’s Board of Trustees and aid the pastors in corporate affairs and legal advice. Ray and Pam consider Col and Jan spiritual parents in their lives and consult them for advice and direction.

Col and Jan travel extensively speaking throughout the world. With their Aussie humour and emphasis on grace, Col and Jan often minister at Pursuit Church. Col’s unique background of wildlife and humour have won for him the title of “Pastor Crocodile Dundee”. He is also a successful author of 20 Christian books. His book On Eagles Wings has become an international best seller and been endorsed by Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Hagin Jr, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis, and Kenneth Copeland. His book 800 Horsemen has also become a best seller.

Col speaks regularly for Joseph Prince at New Creation Church in Singapore as well as for Brian Houston at Hillsong, Kenneth Hagin at Rhema USA, Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle and Happy Caldwell. He is on the Board of Trustees for the International Convention of Faith Ministries International, and was the Australian president of the International Convention of Faith Ministries International. Col speaks extensively in Australia from farmers in the outback to The Great Hall in Federal Parliament.

For more information on the ministry of Col and Jan Stringer, visit their website.