Rob & Lyn Packer

Rob and Lyn Packer have been ministry friends with Ray and Pam Watson for a number of years and often minister at Pursuit through worship and teaching.

Rob & Lyn have been involved in Christian ministry for 40 years and are the New Zealand team leaders for XP Ministries NZ. They minister under the apostolic covering of XP Ministries, Arizona, USA which is run by Patricia King.

Together, Rob and Lyn are prophetic catalysts throughout New Zealand. They minister through prophecy, teaching, worship, art, healing, and restoration. Rob is a gifted teacher, prophetic worship leader and songwriter who has produced a variety of worship ministry resources. Lyn carries a strong prophetic edge which is expressed through her art and teaching. Lyn also ministers powerfully in the areas of inner healing.

For more information on the ministry of Rob and Lyn Packer, visit their website.