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For some time at Pursuit Church we have been developing a more spontaneous style of worship. These moments in worship have been recorded live and are now available as free Christian podcasts. Many of these moments in worship are unplanned, spontaneous and prophetic. We encourage you to use these free podcasts to help create an environment for your own personal worship and encounter with God.

Each of the podcasts are unique. Some songs are passionate, spontaneous and prophetic. Others are intimate, soaking moments in worship. They all however, carry a fresh depth and love for His presence that we long for.

How to Sign Up

Signing up for the Musical Manna podcast is easy. Simply click the subscribe link below. You will be taken to the Musical Manna podcast page on The Secret Place website. Simply enter your email address in the subscribe box. Now you’re all set to receive your free mp3 download each month direct to your inbox!
Alternatively, you can sign up through iTunes.

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The “New Sound”

Most of our podcasts come from one of our worship services. During the worship at Pursuit Church we have enjoyed some wonderful and creative moments together. It seemed a shame that these experiences with God were enjoyed for such a brief moment and then gone forever. We decided to capture something of the “new sound” we have found, and share it with anyone who hungers for it as we do. Apart from minor editing the podcasts remain just as they were recorded. This is raw worship that captures something of the presence of God that we long for.

Listen to the Music

Click on the songs below to listen to a preview of some of our Christian podcasts.

Many of these Christian podcasts contain free worship sections (which include long passages of singing in the spirit). These moments have the purpose of encouraging the listener to make their own spontaneous contribution while soaking in God’s presence. These podcasts are not Christian entertainment but invitations to worship. As you become involved with us in this creative worship journey, I’m sure you will sense with us the wonder and excitement of a fresh encounter with God.

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