Encounter Evenings

Experience deep, intimate worship and encounter with God

Encounter Evenings are a time of deep intimate worship and encounter with God both personally and corporately. These evenings are informal worship times with a focus on encounter, freedom and refreshing. People are encouraged to express themselves in worship in whatever form that may take.

Encounter Evenings are a crucial part of our church. As a church family we are passionate about His Presence and experiencing Him in a deep and personal way. Encounter Evenings enable us to go deeper in worship than we usually do on a Sunday morning. By setting this time aside, we create an environment for His Presence.

Below is an outline of the various aspects of an Encounter Evening. There is no formula to His Presence and every evening is different. Our aim is to simply create an environment for an encounter with God. We encourage you to be part of this culture of worship, refreshing, ministry and encounter.

Worship & Encounter

Encounter Evenings are a time of experiencing His presence in a deep, intimate way. It is a time where the deepest part of us calls out to the deep places in Him. These evenings focus on connecting with the Father heart of God and include spontaneous worship and singing in tongues. There is no agenda except His Presence. During these times of worship, spontaneous songs of the Lord often develop. Ray’s ministry as a prophetic psalmist often occurs during these times of encounter as He ministers through songs both corporately and to individuals. During these times we encourage you to sit in His Presence and receive.

Creative Expressions

Creative expressions of worship are encouraged during Encounter Evenings. Our worship to Him does not fit in a box. We encourage creativity in worship including dance, and prophetic art. This is your opportunity to express yourself creatively in worship in whatever form that may take.

Prophetic Art
We encourage art as a way of releasing the prophetic, healing and God encounters for ourselves personally and for others. Art supplies and paper are made available. Some people however bring their own canvas, paint and easels.

Prophetic Dance
Another expression of creativity in worship is through dance. Encounter Evenings provide an opportunity for people to express their worship to God through movement. Prophetic dance can have many forms including using flags, banners and scarfs.

Personal Devotion & Prayer

In His Presence are the answers for every need. Encounter Evenings provide an opportunity for our own personal devotion and prayer time. As we pray and seek His face, His Kingdom is established on earth as it is in heaven. Our questions are answered and our storms are calmed in the glory of His Presence as we commune with Him and hear His voice.


Encounter Evenings provide an intimate environment for soaking and refreshing. Soaking during these encounter times is an opportunity to be still in His Presence and know that He is God. We find refreshing and restoration as we soak in His Presence and receive from Him. People are encouraged to bring pillows / blankets and simply receive from the ministry of music and song.


A team is available during Encounter Evenings for those wanting to receive ministry. As we seek His face, He brings restoration and transformation. As we touch His heart, He touches ours. Our team would love to pray and stand with you for healing, breakthrough and restoration in every area of your life.

Come Join us for our Next Encounter Evening

Location: Pursuit Church, The Fickling Centre (under the library), 546 Mt Albert Road, Three Kings, Auckland

When we gather together and worship, we are building a habitation for His Presence. As we continue to touch His heart, we will see a greater outpouring of His Presence, the supernatural and impacted hearts for the Kingdom.

Come join us as we build a highway to His Presence and encounter Him in a fresh way. Encounter Evenings take place on a Sunday evening at 6.30pm. Check the dates below for the next upcoming Encounter Evening.

Upcoming Dates