Gospel Songs – a fresh approach

by Ray Watson

As a recording artist, worship leader and pastor; I have had the unique perspective of both watching and being part of the gospel music industry for a number of decades. Gospel music is powerful and can switch our focus from our circumstances to the greatness of the God we serve. I have seen the latest contemporary gospel song soar up the charts and rally Christians around the world to its anthem. Gospel music stirs the soul, feeds our spirits and lifts our eyes to the perspective of heaven.

Over the years however, I have longed for more than just gospel songs to sing at church on a Sunday morning or a new gospel album to listen to on my way to work.

I have desired music which engages me on a deeper level and brings me into greater intimacy and encounter with God.

It is through beholding Him that we are changed. Our gospel songs should enable the listener to behold God and encounter His Presence in such a way that changes us.

Gospel songs shouldn’t just be great anthems of praise, but also deep songs of worship that express our heart of love for the Lord. Over the years I have explored creatively what deep worship looks like. I have discovered that deep worship springs from my heart when I catch a glimpse of just how great His love is towards me. Deep worship then becomes a natural response of knowing we have this incredible relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Worship is an invitation to intimacy; an invitation to hear His heart towards us.  We can spend all our time singing about God that we forget to sing directly to Him and hear His song of love over us. My prayer is for you to explore the depths of worship and experience hearing the voice of our Heavenly Father for yourself. Start to develop your own song of praise and adoration to the Lord and begin to sense God’s joy and delight towards you as you engage in deep moments of worship. May your heart be stirred for a greater worship experience as you encounter Him through music.

tspFree Gospel Music Downloads

A selection of gospel songs are available for free download by clicking here.